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03 Nov 2023

Government Funded Green Skills Bootcamp

Green Skills Bootcamp 1

3 Courses - Solar, EVC and EESS

We are excited to inform you about our upcoming Green Skills Bootcamp in our Bristol centre, offering a fantastic opportunity to train your staff at a highly competitive price.

The bootcamp will run for a duration of 10 weeks and will encompass three core courses: the SPV course, EVC course, and our brand-new EESS (EAL LEVEL 3, DESIGN, INSTALL & COMMISSION ELECTRICAL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS) course. It's important to note that anyone enrolling in this bootcamp must complete all three of these courses; partial enrolment is not an option.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employing fewer than 250 staff, a 10% contribution is required, which is approximately £265 + VAT for all three courses. For larger employers with over 250 employees, a 30% contribution is necessary, which is approximately £795.30 + VAT for the three courses.

To be eligible for enrolment, candidates must be aged 19 or older, living in the Bristol area and must not have participated in a bootcamp earlier this year. Additionally, as an employer, you will be required to provide evidence of increased responsibilities for the learner upon completion of the course. This evidence can take the form of a new job description or, ideally, a letter stating the additional responsibilities.

The course dates for the candidates are as follows:

Cohort 1

EVC Car Charging

Every Monday

13th Nov 2023

20th Nov 2023


Every Thursday

30th Nov 2023

7th Dec 2023

14th Dec 2023

11 Jan 2024

18th Jan 2024

Battery Charging

Every Tuesday

6th Feb 2024

13th Feb 2024

20th Feb 2024


Cohort 2

EVC Car Charging

Every Thursday

11th Jan 2024

18th Jan 2024


Every Thursday

25th Jan 2024

1st Feb 2024

8th Feb 2024

15th Feb 2024

22nd Feb 2024

Battery Charging

Every Tuesday

5th March 2024

12th March 2024

19th March 2024

If you would like to put employees forward for these courses or if you have any questions, please contact 07702858201

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