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30 Mar 2020

Gas Safe Statement

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We understand that there will be some uncertainty if your ACS certification is due to expire shortly and you can’t attend a test centre because of the current situation with COVID-19. Whilst engineers are expected to take sensible measures to ensure your ACS qualifications are maintained, we understand that at this time this may not be feasible.

If engineers take all necessary steps to update expired ACS certification as soon as possible after the restrictions have ended, and continue to work responsibly and safely, HSE will authorise registered gas engineers to remain on the Register for an additional period during the peak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures.

Engineers may be asked to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to renew their qualifications. Engineers MUST maintain their Gas Safe registration during any extension of their ACS qualification period if they are carrying out gas work.

To help you In the meantime, we will continue to take future bookings, engineers who have booked a place can be issued with the proof needed to satisfy Gas Safe and therefore keep their membership live even though they are waiting for a course date. Please continue to contact us by phone, email or via our online bookings on our website. We will endeavour to contact any engineer booked with us to keep you updated regarding your future course dates.

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