Connected Competence is an industry-wide framework, focused initially on of temporary oil and gas workers, which has been developed by major service companies Aker Solutions, Bilfinger, Ponticelli, Petrofac, Semco Maritime, Stork, Wood and Worley. Together, they employ more than 75% of the craft and technician workforce in the UKCS upstream oil and gas industry.

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of ECITB, said: “Connected Competence has the potential to deliver a step change for the engineering construction industry, because the workforce will all work in the same way to the same high standards, helping to improve safety and efficiency.

We are now privileged to offer the following ECITB assessments in our Exeter Centre:

TIE 04 - Install Electrical Distribution Final Circuit

TIE 08 - Installing AC Electrical Motors

TIE 16 - Installing Cables in an Intrinsically Safe System

TIE 17 & 17Ex - Install, Gland and Terminate Power Cables

TEM 03 - Testing of Portable Equipment

TEM 05 - Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Battery and UPS Systems

TEM 06 - Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Industrial Switch Gear

TEM 10 - Hazardous Area Inspection of Electrical and Instrumentation Equipment

TEM 14 - Periodic Inspection of a Three-Phase System

TIE 15 - Installing Support Systems

Dates Available

9th February

10th February

11th February

25th February

28th February

1st March

3rd March

4th March

14th March

15th March

16th March

17th March

18th March

To book, please contact our Exeter Centre on 01392 829100.

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